Courtville Apartments Limited

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John and Susan Sweetman (photo taken 1989)

Courtville Apartments Limited was formed principally for the purposes of purchasing and preserving the three buildings comprising the Courtville complex. This purpose was achieved in 1989 for a total cost of $1,450,000. The fifteen original members of the company were Stephen Ballantyne, Franz Broswimmer, Duncan Campbell, Grant Chilcott, Madeline Cox, Jane David, Daren Day, Sheila McCabe, Vicki Pomeroy, Susan (Oliver) Sweetman, John Sweetman, Peter Urlich, Melvin Webb, Rob Weir, Clare Zhang. By 1993 Madeline Cox had left the company and Anna-Mae Chilcott had joined.

We spent a lot of time in working bees in that first year. There was always a lot to do and we were proud of finding ourselves owners of these beautiful old buildings.(84)

During the period that Braemar was owned by Courtville Apartments Limited it continued to be rented out to tenants. Some deferred maintenance was undertaken by the Company, notably the repairs to the Marseilles tiled roof, spouting and bargeboards.(85) The upstairs linen-room was converted into a shower-room and its windows glazed with Georgian wired glass, Similarly reglazed were the windows in the downstairs cellar (located underneath the front entrance), the downstairs bathroom and the basement toilet. Over recent years modifications to the house have included a hatch cover to the coal cellar and the amalgamation of apartments 19 and 20. The backyard to the house was filled with soil excavated from underneath Middle Courtville, and tenants planted lawns and a vegetable garden. Also during this period the Fisher Trust rented out and tarsealed the carpark area to the rear of the house. These repairs and modifications were largely done to maintain the rental income.

It was always intended that the Corner and Middle Courtvilles be unit titled so as to prevent the ownership of the buildings by any one person.(86) During the years 1989 to 1994 the Courtville apartments were upgraded and converted into unit titles for individual sale. The sale of Braemar and some of the apartments in Middle Courtville was required in 1994 to generate the money for that upgrade to be completed. All properties were to be sold with heritage restrictions registered on their titles.

Courtville Apartments Limited sold Braemar at auction in December 1994, with settlement 27 th January 1995, to the present owners.(87)



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