The Area

The area now occupied by the High Court was once the site of Te Reuroa (the longer outer palisade) pa(1). Purchased by Governor Hobson in 1840 from the Ngati Whatua, the land was then sold under Crown Grant and divided up for housing and commerce. The following outline shows the use and ownership of the land occupied by Braemar, in context with the events of the times, from the Crown Grant up to the present day.

Date Reference Ownership
4th May 1844 a.Crown Grant 1G 437

Deeds bk 1A 71, 284

Crown grant to James Coates of Allot 11 Sec 7
13th May 1844 Deeds bk 2D 294 , 285 Coates to Lawry
20th Feb 1857 Deeds Bk 8D 119, 13542 Lawry to Williamson
4th April 1859 Deeds bk 8D 241, 14008 Williamson to Aitken & ors 1856: Parliament sits for first time in Auckland, in Eden Street buildings .
c.Transferred to 9A 693
4th Oct 1845 b.Crown Grant 1G 2970

Deeds bk 1A 70 ,13539

Crown grant to Richard Gorges Foote of Allot 10 Sec 7
3rd July 1847 Deeds bk 8D 118, 13541 Foote to Lawry
4th Apr 1859 Deeds bk 8D 241, 14008 Williamson to Aitken & ors
c.Transferred to 9A 693
24th Nov 1859 Deeds bk 8D 635 , 15458 William Aitken to Thomas Russell
25th June 1860 Deeds bk 11D 111, 16892 Thomas Russell to David Nathan NZ Land wars.
23rd Mar 1865 Deeds bk 19D 173,28990 David Nathan to Thomas Brutton KENDERDINE. Dr Kenderdine builds a wooden house. 1865: Capital moved to Wellington

1871: Albert Barracks handed to City

1875: City buys Western Springs for water supply

1876: Ak Institute Museum opens in Princes St

1882 Auckland City Valuation roll Stables are added to the house
1885/6 Alexander Turnbull Library George Tracey Stevens includes Kenderdine house in his picture
1891 Cleaves Auckland directory Thomas Brutton Kenderdine in residence
14 May 1894 DP 1343 issued Land now known as Pts 10 & 11 Sec 7
1 Dec 1894 Ak Weekly News 6 Dec Dr Kenderdine deceased
15 Jan 1900 Ak City Valuation roll Executors of Kenderdine estate now shown as owners; value amended to twenty pounds.
13 March 1900 NZ Herald, page 5 Article “Fire in Waterloo Quadrant” records Kenderdine house burning down.
15 Jan 1901 Akld City Valuation roll Entry amended to show J R Gray, Dental importer, as owner. Description of improvement gone from roll and property described as “Allot” Death of Queen Victoria in 1901. Architectural styles become “Edwardian”.
15 Jan 1902 Akld City Valuation roll Improvements recorded as “Brick building” BRAEMAR built sometime between 15/1/1901 and 15/1/1902 .
1903 Wises NZPO Directory, page 1341 Occupier Jno R (Gray Bros)
2 August 1906 CT 102/83 Transfer Gray to William John Bridson for ₤ 2100.0.0.
15 Jan 1907 Akld City Valuation roll Owner W J Bridson; lease to Jacob Ziman, gentleman; details of lease recorded in letters now held in the Alexander Turnbull Library.
1908-1915 Wises NZPO directories Jacob Ziman resident NZ at war in Europe, WW1
1916 Wises NZPO directory Jacob Ziman no longer resident in Eden Street
11 Sep 1917 CT 102/83 Transfer Bridson to Ernest Herbert Potter & William Walter Stanton The Courtville Apartment buildings built 1914 & 1918. Braemar is annexed and converted into 5 apartments (Nos. 16-20) as part of the apartment complex.
22 March 1939 Auckland Star Name Eden St changed to Parliament Street NZ at war in Europe, WW2
5 Dec 1972 CT 102/83 Executors of Potter & Stanton transfer title to Topper Buildings Limited
24 April 1974 City News Pg 15 Headline “City Flats to be abolished”
12 Sep 1974 CT 102/83 Gazette 307712.1; land taken for “public buildings of the General Government”; CT 102/83 cancelled.
14 June 1978 Vera Ziman Letter to Courtville Association from Vera Ziman describing Braemar
3 July 1986 Gazette B.563688.1 Declares land now Crown land
7 August 1987 Auckland City District Scheme Zoning changed to allow only residences to a height of 49 metres.
14 Sep 1987 Companies Office Courtville Association formed ” to preserve, protect, and enhance the Courtville Apartment Buildings, Parliament Street including the “Courtville Annex”
4 Oct 1989 CT 77D/204 Transfer from Crown to Courtville Apartments Limited; description now Section 4 Survey Office plan 62300
9 Feb 1995 CT 77D/204 Transfer Courtville Apartments Ltd to John and Susan Sweetman BRAEMAR converted back to being a single dwelling again.