Topper Buildings Ltd. – Courtville Flats Ltd.

In 1972 the Courtville buildings, including Braemar, were sold to Topper Buildings Limited.

On 30 th March 1973 the shareholders of Topper Buildings Limited resolved to change the name of the company to COURTVILLE FLATS LIMITED and gave as their reason ” That the Company has purchased the property known as Courtville Flats and desires and deems it appropriate to identify itself with the property concerned .”(48) At the same time as the name change, the company moved its registered offices to Parliament Street.

Moves were afoot during this period to have the Supreme Court extended onto the site occupied by the three Courtville buildings and the adjacent Radnor building in Waterloo Quadrant. Mr George Johnson of Topper Buildings Ltd was quoted at the time as saying ” All my long-term tenants have known about the Government proposal for 12 months already – and they still have another two years to find flats. The others are temporary tenants who were told about the demolition possibility when they inquired about a flat. So far as I’m concerned my tenants have all had ample notice to find alternative accommodation .”(49)

On 22 nd August 1974 Braemar was taken for the “ public buildings of the General Government .”(50)



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