Your Host

Auckland bed and breakfast accommodations New ZealandHello I’m John Sweetman, born and bred here in Auckland, the greatest little city in the Southern hemisphere. When my lovely wife Susan and I lived up the road in the historic Corner Courtville apartments we fell in love with this house. When it came up for auction we pooled everything we had to save it from the circling developers and turn it into the elegant bed & breakfast Braemar on Parliament Street. The house was given its name by Scotsman John Russell Gray who had it built for his family in 1901. It’s taken ten years to restore the house to its former grandeur but now that it’s done it is a real joy to share it with travellers. I became a renovator, peeling off the unsympathetic additions the house had attracted when it was flats for over eighty years. Now in its second century of residential occupation Braemar has a new life as an elegant inner city haven.

Aside from all that my real love is the ancient art of storytelling, utilizing modern media. I’ve spent over twenty-five years studying my craft and with expert coaching and studio experience I provide voice services in a number of media. My commercial voice-over services are contracted to Canwest’s TV Works for their television network “3” and to RadioWorks for their Solid Gold radio network. I really enjoy being the invisible TV star, telling people about the shows on 3. Also it’s great to hear the radio station liners and promos floating out radios tuned in to my station. Some times when phoning businesses I get placed on hold and hear my own voice expounding on the “various additional services” the firm can provide. These “on hold” messages are another way of engaging with others and sharing stories. I love people and it’s an absolute joy helping visitors feel at home here at Braemar. Some of my other interests are collecting stamps and postal material, keeping my motorbike in top condition and caring for my toy poodles Tina and Paddlefoot. They are such fun.